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Portfolio of Amazon product photography projects is here. Below you’ll find a bit more details about our approach and what images make a good Amazon product listing.

If you are on this page you know what sells your product. Yes, clean and bright product images, fancy infographics, cool looking lifestyle photos. But knowing the right kind of images needed may not be enough. Here’s what WindySoul art director and leading photographer Elena Shalennaya thinks about working on Amazon product images: “When I start to work on an Amazon photography project I’m becoming my client’s partner. I’m here not just to make nice pictures, but to sell your product. This takes a bit more than just professional photography skills. I have to research the product and brand carefully and then put my thoughts, emotion and my energy into the images. And this is what I love about it”.

This is how we how we handle Amazon product photography projects.

1. Main Image for Amazon Listing

Main Image is the reason to start looking at your listing when you browse search results pages on Amazon. It should be on pure white background and the product should take the biggest possible space.
And yes, under these circumstances it still needs to be eye-catching. Like this:

Main image for Amazon. Clickable
Main Amazon Image. Clickable
Main Amazon Image. Cliclable
Main image for Amazon
Main image for Amazon. Clickable

2. Infographic Images

Well-known fact – people don’t read product descriptions. They look at images and sometimes the amazon photos are not enough to explain the product the way you want it. You need to communicate a bit more info with your images, you need to highlight what is really important and what stands you out. Infographic images can do this. We handle them like this:

Infographic image sample
Infographic image sample. Clickable
Infographic image with models
Infographic image. Clickable
Infographic product image
Infographic product image. Clickable

3. Lifestyle Photos for Amazon

Is that cool to have your product? Great, bright people already using it? You want to show some use cases and be creative and extraordinary to stand out? You need classy, premium feel? This is why you need amazon lifestyle images.

Infographic image sample
Lifestyle image sample. Clickable
lifestyle product photography of a bag
Bag lifestyle photo. Clickable
Promo product video
Lifestyle product photography. Clickable

4. Amazon Product Photography Pricing

The cost for Amazon Photography project is roughly $500-$900 depending on product specifics, complexity of infographic images required, number of models and locations needed for lifestyle photoshoot. Timeline 1-2 weeks after getting a product.

5. How to Ship Products to Windysoul Studio

The easiest way is Mail / Post. Express mail / EMS is also possible and roughly takes 7-10 days from almost any part of the World. There are faster delivery methods possible like UPS and DHL express, but they are also quite expensive.

6. Examples of Amazon Photography Projects by Windysoul

Below you’ll find numerous examples of Amazon photo projects. Each image is clickable and will take you to a project page with more images, project details and link to actual Amazon listing for this product. Feel free to start discussing your Amazon photography project with us here.