– Where are you located?
We are from the city of Velikiy Novgorod, Russia, but travel a lot on business and pleasure.

– Can you work remotely if I send my products to you?
This is exactly how we work. Our clients are from the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia – all the World around.


– How do I send my product to you?
By far the best way is EMS. You can do the EMS shipment in any mail (post) office in any coutry. Roughly it takes 7-10 days from any part of the World (sometimes up to 12 days from China).

– Can I use Fedex, DHL Express or UPS to ship my product? 

Unfortunately, since 2014 Fedex and DHL have frozen their shipments to individuals in Russia (You local Fedex and DHL office suprisingly does’t know about it in most cases). UPS is possible, but whatever they tell you (and they will tell you 4-5 business days) it will take the same time as EMS and be more expensive.


– What photos do I need for Amazon or other e-commerce marketplaces?
Hero (main) product photo on white background, two-three infographic images and 3-5 lifestyle product photos with a model showing the product in real life use or without a model (still-life) showing the product in styled scene with props.

– Do you have models?
Yes, we work with a lot of model agencies. You will have a great choice of fantastic models carefully presellected for your bespoke project when we have the product and the photoshoot date fixed.

– Do you have a well-equiped photo studio?
Yes, small studio for product photography. As for advertising photography with models we do this either outdoors or rent different indoor locations.  It is relatively inexpensive in Russia.

– How about makeup, hair styling, wardrobe consulting for the models you use?
Our team includs two makeup artists, hair styler, dress designer and a decorator. Soon there`ll be a page on the site about our awesome team.

– I`m not good in creative ideas, styling. Will you help?
Yes, and it maybe the main value of our service compared to other photographers. We’ll tell you what story your product can tell.

– Do you do product videos?
Yes, lifestyle product videos mostly. Quite often a video shoot goes together with lifestyle photography. One shooting day for photo and video allows to save on model fees, makeup, etc for our clients.

– Do you do editorial, art, portrait photography?
Yes, here the editorial portfolio https://500px.com/she of our art director Elena Shalennaya.

Payment and pricing

– What`s the rate per image?
There’s no pay per image. We charge per project only.

– What`s your rate for Amazon product photography project?
Again, there’s no fixed rate. It all depends on the product, required number of models and locations for lifestyle photoshoot, the amount of graphic design needed, etc. To give you a ballpark idea the average pricing for Amazon projects in 2019 has been $900 for projects with still images only and $1400 for those that also include a video.

– What are the payment terms?
50% upfront + 50% on delivery is a good schema, but we are flexible and it is all negotiatable. We can always work through www.upwork.com if you`d like to avoid any upfront payments, but then the associated upwork commissions will need to be added to our quote.

– How do I make a payment?
By Payoneer, PayPal or Bank wire transfer, again, the payments can be held through www.upwork.com

Why do I choose you for my project?

Because you already in love with our portfolio, you hate the boring product photography and want to stand out, and, becuase you know that a photo service of our calibre with models, great locations, etc in USA or Europe will cost a fortune.