– Where are you located?
We are from the city of Velikiy Novgorod, Russia, but travel a lot on business and pleasure.

– Can you work remotely if I send you my products?
This is exactly how we work. Our clients are from USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia – all the World around.



– How do I send my product to you?
The easiest way is to post by mail / EMS.

– Can I use Fedex, DHL Express or UPS to ship my product? 

DHL express is the best option if the value is below 200 euro and weight is within 5 kgs. UPS is also a possible option.

– How long does shipping take?
Roughly 7-10 days by EMS, 5 days by DHL or UPS and 2-3 weeks by ordinary mail.

– Will you send my products back?
We surely will if it is worth it.



– What photos do I need for Amazon or other e-commerce marketplaces?
Main product photo on white background, two-three infographics, plus two-three creative still-life photos with prompts or lifestyle photos with a model showing the product in real life use.

– Do you have models?
Yes, we work with two model agencies and planning to start our own soon. Please, describe your ideal model and we`ll give you the options to choose from.

– Do you have a well-equiped photo studio?
Yes, small studio for product photography. As for advertising photography with models we do this either outdoors or rent different indoor locations, it is inexpensive in Russia.

– How about makeup, hair styling, wardrobe consulting?
We’re working with a great team including two makeup artists, hair styler, dress designer and a decorator. Soon there`ll be a page on the site about my awesome team.

– Do you prefer indoor / studio or outdoor photoshoots?
We do both and enjoy both. The choice depends on a product and a goal of a photo session. The bath salts, for example, can hardly be shot outdoors. Of course, a season is important. In Winter or early spring only very specific things can be done outdoors (winter clothing shoots, for example).

– Do you do a shooting plan and finalize it with a client?
Yes, any project starts with a shooting plan, discussing locations and models.

– I`m not good in creative ideas, styling. Will you help?
Yes, and it maybe the main value of our service compared to other photographers. We’ll tell you what story your product can tell.

– Do you do editorial, art, portrait photography?
Yes, here the editorial portfolio https://500px.com/she of our art director Elena Shalennaya.


Payment and pricing

– What`s the rate per image?
The pay per image can be applied only for product photography. Please, refer to our pricing page to get the details.

– What`s your rate per a photoshoot?
It depends on required location, number of models, props, etc. More details on this can be seen on Pricing page. The quote will be given to you after we undertand your project.

– What are the payment terms?
50% upfront + 50% on delivery is a good schema. We can always work through www.upwork.com if you`d like to avoid any upfront payments.

– How do I make a payment?
By PayPal or Bank wire transfer, again, the payments can be held through upwork.


Why do I choose you for my project?

Because you already in love with our portfolio, you hate the boring product photography and want to stand out, and, becuase you know that a photo service of our calibre in USA or Europe will be not be affordable for private entrepreneur or a young startup business like you.