Pictures for Amazon. Beeswax Ear Candles

This set of pictures for Amazon listing was our first project of this kind.  The product is 100% bees wax ear candles that serve to remove ear wax. That is an alternative medicine practice we’ve never hear of before, but it really works!

After this photoshoot the client became our regular and we produced another Amazon photo projects for him. For example, this one.

Cllient`s review:

“Elena was fast, professional and very easy to work with. The quality of her photos are top notch and perfect for Amazon or eCommerce listings. She is very flexible and is able to utilize all of her surroundings to create an impressive portfolio no matter what is being photographed. She very clearly demonstrates talent and professionalism throughout every stage of the process. She was honest and creative about about my product and how we could improve its display. I hope to work with her again in the near future. If your on the fence about who to choose you will not be disappointed with Elena, her photos surpassed all my expectations.”

You can see this review in Elena’s upwork profile