The prices given below are just rough indication of possible project costs.  Each project is unique and the final proposal for your photography project will be done only after we understand the project fully.

Product Photography

The baseline cost for a product photo on white background is $20

Editing – cropping, color correction, removing dust, imperfections and web optimization is covered.

Add on services:

Combination of products

Combination of products+ $10per image


Jewelry+ $10per image

Products with shiny surfaces

Products with
shiny surfaces
+ $5per image

Invisible mannequin photo

Invisible mannequin photo+ $10per image

Creative advertising still-life

Creative advertising
+ $20per image

Product infographics

Product infographics+ $20per image

Bulk order discounts

 10-30 images – 10% discount

 30-100 images – 20% discount

 100-500 images – 30% discount

 500-1000 images – 40% discount

 1000+ images – 50% discount

Advertising photography or videography with models.

The baseline cost of advertising photography / videography session is $300

2-3 hours in one or nearby locations.

Deliverables – all raw photo or video files from the shoot.

Add on services:


Model+ $60per day


Make-up+ $30for a model per day

Hair styling

Hair styling+ $20for a model per day

High-end retouching for lookbook, advertisement or banner

Retouching for lookbook or advertisement+ $10per image

Decorator / Fashion consulter / Food stylist

Decorator / Fashion consulter / Food stylist+ $50per day

Lifestyle photography sometimes require real estate renting costs and travel costs. These are estimates individually.

Please, note that if we work through, or similar freelance websites the commissions of these services will need to be added.