Photos for Amazon of Premium Bath Salts

Photos for Amazon of bath salts by WindySoul. The goal was to showcase the bath salts as a premium product to be sold on Amazon and possibly some other e-commerce websites. I was responsible for the choice of model, settings, photoshoot itself and post-editing. It was a challenge to find a studio with a bathtub, but finally I managed to do this in St Petersburg. A beautiful model Maria helped me on the way. Finaly the images came out great and the client was happy. This was one of my first Amazon photo project, later they will become my specialty and I’ll work on projects like this.
Client testimonial: “Elena really made an effort to accommodate herself with the project. We had some difficulties and it was about to be cancelled at first (not related to her, we had some product issues) so she postponed the work for us. In the end it all worked out and I got really awesome photos that I’ll proudly use for the project. Thanks.”  You can see the testimonial on my upwork page.

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Photos for Amazon
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