There`s only one reason for you to read this.

You have some e-commerce or manufacturing business. You are looking for a creative artist to work with your product images and create lifestyle or conceptual photography or videos for advertising or product listings.

Your project is about something beautiful, stylish, something that requires graphic precision and creative input from our side. You are ready to ship your products overseas to get our imagery magic in return.

Is that you?

My name is Elena Shalennaya. I`m a graduated architect and used to be one for 6 years. Then I quit it to do what I love doing.

It all started with art and fashion photography. In 2010 I started my art portfolio on https://500px.com/she Initially it was a semi professional experience. It turned in a full-time job as an advertising photographer in early 2017 when my husband started managing my business and we launched WindySoul.

At present I`m a photographer and art director at WindySoul and my main passion is lifestyle, fashion and still-life photography. I`m also a model scout.

Looking forward to working with people full of ideas and good intentions.

Together we rock!

upwork profile https://www.upwork.com/fl/elenashalyonnaya

email: [email protected] windysoul.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/soul.in.the.wind

My name is Alexey Shalenny.

I was in graphic and web design business since 2004 when I joined my friends to start up DesignRussia company. The year of 2017 was a year of radical change for me. I left DesignRussia to start a new business – the WindySoul photo studio. In the company I do sales, marketing, project management, producing and legal support. In short – I let my art director Elena to concentrate on creative aspect of photography while taking all the business management myself.

upwork profile https://www.upwork.com/fl/alexshalyony

email: [email protected]

skype: Alex

whatsapp: +995 579357202