Product video with models for Planet Buddies / UK

The product video with models was taken together with lifestyle images for the Planet Buddies brand from the UK. You can see the photos and product video with models on our client’s website at  and in the Amazon store of the brand.
Here’s the review from the client:””…Exceptional”. “…Outstanding”. These are the kinds of words we would use time and time again in working with Lena. We have used Upwork for many years, and she is by far one of THE best we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her passion, drive and flair transforms to absolutely breathtaking results – and even when faced with many challenges (often outside of her control) somehow manages to keep an extremely high level of quality and standard. She is pleasant, professional, and we as a company feel lucky to have found Lena and now deeply rely upon the fantastic service she provides. We hope and look forward to working together countless times in future projects for sure! A 5 star freelancer.”

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